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Big Day Out wrap up [Jan. 27th, 2006|03:39 pm]
[Current Mood |blahblah]

So my brain isn't completely functioning correctly as of yet so excuse me if this will be extremely stream of conscious.

Got there at about 11:45, lined up for about 45 minutes to get in! Missed most of the Presets which made me mad. Then ran to see Youth Group, they were great. One of the new songs they played sounded very Art of Fighting-esque. And they played Forever Young :D Ran over to the boiler room to watch Cagedbaby and they were really really cool. I love the album but wasn't sure how well it would translate live... Liv and I were both very impressed.

Had a bite to eat and finally got our over 18 wristbands. Got a few bevvies and settled in the main arena to watch Wolfmother. They were awesome as usual. They know how to work the crowd so well and everyone was getting into it. While we were sitting there we took great amusement in watching this bogan guy rack up some fat lines on the stadium seats and snort them right in front of us... he even has nice powder residue around his nose. Niiiice.

Then we went to see the Go! Team. I was so pumped and Ninja was full of energy and getting the crowd pumped. She's so cute! Then dashed over the see Kings of Leon. Their sound was brilliant, very impressed. Ran over to see half of Soulwax and we got there just as they were playing "NY excuse". Everyone was singing along.. "this's the excuse that we're making, we're making! Is it good enough for what you're paying, you're paying!?" Soooo good.

Watched Beth eat gross nachos, made me want to spew. Franz Ferdinand were brilliant. Alex Kapranos is my new husband. I planned our wedding last night, it's gonna be heaps of fun. You're all invited. I made everyon do the "Do you want to" dance as always. Saw Iggy. He's such a leather bag. He did his famous dance move where he puts his arms up the the air and kinda shakes his butt. Made me happy seeing that. White stripes were a hug disappointment. The sound was horrible and they were pretty self indulgent. They'd play a song and then play improvised wah wah for minutes. Blah. We left after about 20 minutes cause we were all bored (even Liv who's a huge fan).

Hot footed it over to the Boiler room for 2manydj's and caught the end of Sonic Animation. Blast from the past, they played Theophilus thistler which made me feel like I was 16 again! 2manydj's were the highlight of the day. They started with a bit of Franz and kept us going throughout their whole set. I danced non-stop! Great end to a great day.

I didn't take many pics for some reason, I wasn't in the mood. And the ones I took are pretty bad! Here's the only mildly accpetable one of Liv and I and we stilll look completely smashed.... I made it small so you can't see the full extent of it.

And earlier in the day Beth, Pat and Liv:

And Patrick with these glasses he found on the ground doing giving me a knowing look...

All in all a great day. Can't wait til next year!



[User Picture]From: bloodmoonrising
2006-01-26 10:42 pm (UTC)
Actually this seemed pretty coherrant.
Ive heard nothing but bad things from people who went, so Im glad to hear you had fun.
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[User Picture]From: kitten_blue
2006-01-30 06:18 pm (UTC)
Bad things? Obviously these people do not know how to have a good time!
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-02-04 03:47 am (UTC)
You trashbag!!! hehehe
Nah looking good hottie! well I am sad that I missed it instead I was at Heart of Darkness night club in Cambodia where you have to get padded down to enter due to the amount of guns that are found in the club! But in true Aussie fashion I was WASTED!
Love ya
Love mon
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